Penis Exam Female Doctor Video Female Nurse Or Doctor, How Do You Deal With Men's "erection"?

Female nurse or doctor, how do you deal with men's "erection"? - penis exam female doctor video

Sorry if this sounds like an inappropriate question, but need help and ask ..

As a nurse I have often being close to my patients and at some point, including the examination of male genitalia.

I am a little nervous when I check their genitals, because I'm always maintained when I touch his penis. I fear that they would "orgasm" and shoot your sperm in me. What are the chances of that? And when that happens, how should I react?

emale nurse or doctor, as you are concerned with the creation of men "?


olivine7... said...

First, a bit hot for a guy, he has an erection when you hit the specific part (its natural) but I really doubt that some of the ejaculation. Usually a guy ejaculate or premature ejaculation, when the expectation of sex. Since it is in the interest of medical needs I am sure no one is really into it.

playboyr... said...

Suffice it to say that it is normal to have an erection, and should not worry because you Arent.

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