Natural Flu Remedies For Two Year Old Natural Flu Remedies For 2-year-old?

Natural flu remedies for 2-year-old? - natural flu remedies for two year old

My son is very ill. He became ill five days with high fever (102-104), congestion, wet cough and vomiting. He has not eaten for two days. It is not considered safe to medicine for cough in children and adolescents. Does anybody know any security for children natural remedies that can get a better speed and easy your symptoms. (I've replaced on Tylenol and Motrin fever control if he has more than 102).


J B said...

Saline drops will help with congestion, such as running a Humdifier into the room where you sleep. In addition, apply Vicks on the soles of the feet, is put socks on his feet when he goes to bed every night with the cough seems to help the disturbed sleep. Often, when causing a large amount of drainage of mucus children vomit or cough may precipitate a spell lasts vomting. Continue to push the liquid - solid food does not count really. Make sure that you mix in weight, not age - children of all sizes. It was the final of the disease to reach by the time they have said. The warning signs of persistent vomiting and can not always be all or urination, lethargy - wanted to sleep all the time. You need to haveincluding your doctor immediately.

godelect... said...

The problem is the fungus !---- go to the doctor! Say no to antibiotics! You want your child in antifungal! such as nystatin and / or dyflucan mycostatin !---- and go to store food and have the child moved thissle milk! As with all medications, the FDA, which can damage the liver !---- let me know how it !------

otcpharm... said...

In general, the guideline for children aged 2 years and younger with a fever over 24 hours, you have to take him to the doctor!

Unfortunately, there are very few drugs safe and effective over-the-counter for young children for the symptoms.

What is sure: the use of saline nose drops / spray to relieve the congestion of the nose. Use a humidifier in your room can jams. Stay hydrated with liquids (juice, water, Pedialyte, if applicable), if there is vomiting a lot.

I hope he recovers soon! Going to the doctor!

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